Ryony and Strine City Stand Off

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Two short stories from the Psychic Knights world:


Manny has dreams of being rescued by the Psychic Knights, but his friend, Terrilyn, is more realistic. She has dreams of escaping Ryony and has a plan of action. She just needed to convince Manny.The accidental murder of one of their fellow captives was the catalyst to push Manny to join Terrilyn in her plans and the time for escape was set for tonight.

Strine City Stand Off

A small group of Naturals were set to be shipped to a buyer by an opportunistic trader. The small convoy had to travel through the city of Strine, a virtual war zone rife with places of ambush. Aron wasn’t taking any chances and the mercenaries he hired came with a top pedigree. If the locals wanted to try to take his cargo he was ready. But was he ready for the Psychic Knights.